@devs: Sample selector questions

I am building a custom library with a sample selector, that lets me step thru all single samples (not zones!) stored within the library. I realized this by connecting the Preset Browser Custom template to a script, changing the sample assignment of a zone. It works wonderfully and comfortably.

BUT! Since the sample selector is only connected to SampleOsc.Filename, all sample header parameters like root key, loop data, etc. are being ignored. Not even the sample length is being set. Is there a way to read out these parameters from the samples and to connect them to the SampleOsc parameters? And if it is not possible at the moment, is there a plan to implement this in future?

At the meantime I’m setting the SampleEnd parameter to 0, as this seems to play the samples by their whole length. But is that by design and therefore safe?

Why is this getting ignored?

Hi Fantacyzer,

the HALion 6 script language has an AudioFile class that allows you to read the length of a sample.

The pages that document this feature just went online. You find them here:


I hope, you appreciate.



Oh man, this is brilliant! AudioFile Class… this is it! And like every aspect of HALion features: not just “somehow” implemented, but in technical perfection.

Yes, I greatly appreciate your efforts and creativity. Matthias, thank you veryvery much! You do things in a big way. I really wish you and the whole dev team, that HALion 6 becomes a big success - deservedly so.

Cheers from Vienna