dialog box stuck off screen

I forget how to move a window back into view if most of it is stuck off screen…Alt+something and then arrow keys to nudge it?

Make sure the outer Windows shell is not maximised, then use the slider at the bottom of the page to bring into view any missing windows.


Sorry but in certain cubase dialog boxes there is no way to move it without access to the top of the window…

Yeah…off screen wiondows are a pita…using 2 screens @ different res & a monitor switch on one of them I get this all the time…though Cubase is the only program that seems to have problems.

I use this…it has a keyboard shortcut to quickly centralise any lost windows.


If you know the window has focus and it is modal, you can use alt+space

alt, space, modal-reminds me of Miles.

Miles FTW!

Thanks everyone!

Pleased to say I finally can get rid of sheepdog for rounding up partially off screen dialogue boxes and plugins.

The fix was the beta Nvidia graphics drivers. Had checked for updates loads but never thought to try the beta.
3 days now and hasn’t opened one window partly off screen. Previously it was happening dozens of times every day.

Anyone else having this problem and using an Nvidia card, give 'em a try.

I have this problem right now. I can see the entire project window except for the top bar, which is the only way I know of moving it. Only the top bar of the project bar is off the top edge of the Cubase app window. I have no idea how this happened but it did. I cannot grab the project window to move it down. I have tried closing the app and re-opening. I have tried Sheepdog. I have tried minimizing and maximizing. I don’t think windows that cannot float above the cubase windows can be moved with the keyboard shortcuts. Why does Cubase not have a “Windows/Move All Windows To On Screen” button. At this point my only idea is to import the entire project into a new project. Any ideas?

If you’re still stuck with this you might try changing your screen resolution to see if the windows resize within the screen borders.

Be blessed :smiley:

If all else fails with 2 monitors on Cubase 7.5 or maybe even other versions… Just right click desktop of windows and choose screen resolution. Then put the 2nd monitor in the location that will allow you to access the dialog box.
Once you get the dialog box in the main screen make sure to save your project. For some reason I have a whole bunch of dialogs that have decided to be just outside of the upper left corner. I often switch my resolution from 4k back to various reduced resolutions like high def at 1080p. I’m sure this is the reason I’m having this problem. Sometimes I have to do it while Cubase is running.

If you have my problem where the default location on a new project is wrong, then you need to fix this in a new clean project and save it as the default.

I’m still having an issue even after saving a default. Plug in screens seem to be upper left out of screen. At least I can position my 2nd monitor to get these. Any other suggestions… I’d like to go into some settings file and position by dialogs starting at 1x1 (upper left corner), instead of -200x-200 or something like I seem to have.

Any suggestions? Have a missed a solution in this thread that answers this?