Did a fresh in stall on new Win10 - how to get content back?


I finally did a fresh install of Windows 10 and installed the latest 8.5 version. It is up and running, but lacks most plugins, and all Steinberg plugin content. I get “missing sound archive” with all Groove Agent SE presets etc.

I have Cubase installed with lots and lots of plugins on the windows 7 partition, but it is 32 bit (for compatibiility). Still, hsb files should be hsb files, right? I have let it search the entire Steinberg folder on the WIndows 7 partition, but to no avail.

How do I solve this problem?

If it cannot be solved, can I download plugins that were bundled with Cubase from somewhere?

Did you download the Cubase 8.5 full installer from your MySteinberg account (9.4Gb in size) or did you perhaps use the same upgrade installer you used to update C8 to 8.5?

Oops - the upgrade installer… :cry:

So… Installing the real thing now.

BUT: There is a lot of legacy instruments and effects of which I need the 64 bit version. Do they exist somewhere? Have scoured the Steinberg website.

There is a lot of legacy instruments and effects of which I need the 64 bit version. Do they exist somewhere?

There are legacy plugins available but they won’t be 64bit.

Hey Grim, I am just now having to Reinstall Cubase because I had a major meltdown of Windows 10. So I had to do a Reset… I didn’t lose any files, but I lost the OS, which I am now learning is Almost just as bad. I have to re-install EVERYTHING!

Anyways, In case you haven’t heard… I think if you want to “legacy Plugins”… as well as the 64 bit version… I believe that people end up Installing both the 64 bit and the 32 bit versions of Cubase (you can do both!). I think they have addressed an old problem I had on older versions of Cubase where if you wanted to run Rewire you had to use the 32 bit version.

Not quite sure what you’re saying but to clarify legacy plugs are those from earlier versions of Cubase that have been dropped from the software and are no longer supported. They happen to be only 32bit because development stopped a long time ago.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t work in 64bit Cubase using the bridge. There is no need in most cases to install 32bit version just for this…but there may be some performance cost running 32bit in 64bit Cubase.

I think what you may be referring to is that some people install 32bit Cubase specifically to run some old 32bit plugs that refuse o work via the bridge in 64bit.

You can add the location where the content still sticks on you HD to mediabay and do a re-scan and let it finish.

It’s a nightmare as I also seem to lose things frequently after upgrading…