Did anyone made a preset for the NI m32 keyboard?

I have purchased an M32, which is a nice NI keyboard. The problem is that it support only Ableton live, and I have Cubase 10.

I am aware that I can assign controls to cubase via midi learn function; I used it on my other keyboard (an Akai MPK) but that does not apply to all instruments or functions, so I cannot use more complex and advanced features, like use the joy-knob on the keyboard to move in the app, instead of using the mouse.

From my understanding, NI need to release a profile or some sort of script that allow the keyboard and Cubase to talk, and that is what is going on with Ableton live; although it seems that they are not interested in Cubase support for the moment, so I am wondering how can I circumvent the problem?

I can use Ableton, which I own at this point, but I want to use Cubase, since I purchased it and I like it so far; the other alternative is to use NI software, but they have no DAW, so the advantage of buying a NI keyboard seems to be only if you are an Ableton or Logic user; which is disappointing.

I wonder why Steinberg does not make hardware like midi controllers; after all they make audio interface (I own a UR22 MK2, which works just fine), so if they would make their midi keyboard and controller, that would really be nice. Maybe they could support NI Komplete Kontrol ecosystem, so you would get the best of both worlds.