Did I find a bug with lyric extension lines?

Has anybody else found that lyric extension lines don’t continue over a mid-measure system break?

Can you show us a screenshot, if not a cut-down project file?

Oh, that’s absolutely bizarre: it works when I try it in a brand new file. It also works when I try it starting from my “house style template” (a file I’ve been editing with all my custom engraving settings for years). Stand by, everybody…

(while you all are waiting — on tenterhooks, I am sure — go to National Rail / Amtrak / etc. and book your rail tickets home, instead of driving. Happy holidays to all you splendid, helpful people!)

Oh, good grief. My minimum value for extender lines was one-eighth of a space longer than the line needed. When I edited the Engraving Options to allow for shorter lines, the line appeared as it was supposed to, regardless of the mid-measure system break.

As a testing ground for this, I created a TTB setting of “Silent Night,” so I guess I got something out of the problem besides realizing my own stupidity!

Solution: No, there is no such bug.

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