Did I just lose 3 hours of scoring!


I was working on the score that after I play it back to enjoy what I did from the beginning that for over a minute Dorico went irresponsive and I had to do a force quit it on my Mac Mojave. Now I looked into the Backup projects the latest saved is from 5 hours ago! At least 2 hours of steady work is gone!

There are not hidden files or folders that I check :frowning: What should I do please?

I know in Cubase I have set up every .5 minute ( I think up to 10 .bak files) to back up my .cpr projects!

Any ideas?

What frequency do you have set for auto save in Dorico? I believe the default is five minutes.

It is 5 minutes with 5 backups! Shouldn’t this autosave and overwrite the oldest backups? At least it didn’t do back up for at least 3 hours!

That’s odd. It doesn’t overwrite old backups… it just adds additional ones. If you had autosave on, it should have saved.

I had it on with the default setting. It is ok this time. I keep an eye on the backups and also try to save after any major changes!

I asked my Dorico to put autosaved project files in Trash, and I also gave Dorico full disk access on my macOS Big Sur (even if it looks like Dorico doesn’t need it in usual cases).

If your case is really hard to dealt with, please consider real-time syncing your saved Dorico projects to your Google Drive (using Google Backup and Sync). It handles your file history well.

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Very good idea! I just gave full Disk access to Dorico.
However, I think I need to move my Dorico Project to my OneDrive folder.

Please do check whether OneDrive supports file history management.

Good advice. Yes, I have OneDrive for Business. Thank you.

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I would not recommend relying on OneDrive as the primary location for your Dorico projects. If you do choose to save your Dorico projects to OneDrive, at least make sure that the Backup Projects folder is not also located inside the OneDrive folder. The reason to be wary of this is that should you experience any problems with the file being incompletely saved to or restored from the cloud, or if the OneDrive syncing service interferes with the saving itself, then not only will the main project file itself be corrupted, but so too would potentially be the backups.

I should point out that there’s nothing about Dorico’s projects that make it more or less vulnerable to these kinds of problems, and no doubt thousands of Dorico users are using OneDrive (and Dropbox and iCloud Drive etc. etc.) with no problems, but we have seen a tiny number of cases where the project file is incomplete, and hence unrecoverable. Don’t let that be you.