Did I Miss This Year's Cubase to Nuendo Upgrade?

I thought Nuendo was offered at a lower price to Cubase Pro owner once yearly…did I miss it?


Cubase came out a lot later than usual this year. If any sales are planned, they’re probably going to be pushed back a bit.

Before crossgrading, please check if Nuendo’s additional features would be beneficial for your work. Nuendo is primarily a post-production DAW, it’s not quite meant to be “Cubase Plus”. Steinberg is constantly reevaluating which features should be exclusive to Nuendo, and several of its features have been added to Cubase Pro over the years as they became relevant for modern music production.

Thanks. Yes I’ve compared features and truly, since I work exclusively in music production, I can’t seem to find anything that would really benefit me. I have been considering doing video work to go along with some music I do, and in that case, I wonder how much it would help. Again thanks though.

Don’t forget that if you intend to regularly upgrade, it’s less expensive to maintain Cubase than it is Nuendo.