Did I screw up my entire DAW? (plugin re-organising)

Hi guys and girls,

Today I decided to finally tidy up my plugin folders because they were chaotic and a total mess. I moved all my 64 bit plugins that I use into a new folder called “64 Bit” and all the 32 bit plugins into a folder called “32 Bit”. Both of these folders are in a folder called “VST Plugins” on my C Drive. I also put all the J-Bridged dll files into a “J-bridged” folder. The plan was to go to ‘plug-in manager’ and point Cubase 8 64 bit to my new “64 Bit” and “J-bridged” folders and no other directories, thus getting rid of all the old unstable plugins that I don’t want in my list anymore and to only have the two nice, tidy folders of my favourite 64 bit and J-bridged plugins.

Unfortunately this was a massive failure. When re-scanning the new plugin directories Cubase crashes and closes every time. It doesn’t make a big fuss or anything, it just quietly closes and disappears, leaving my looking at my desktop. Every single time. I tried loading up Cubase 5 64 bit and it just freezes when re-scanning and I have to force-close the program in Windows Task Manager.

Please HAALLPP. I appear to have now bricked my DAW :frowning: Is what I did not a normal way to tidy/organise plugin DLLs?

Not every plugin can be freely just moved somewhere else after installation, let’s thanks some shitcoders for that (for example u-he or addictive drums). But NI plugins can be.

Your DAW crashes some other 64 or jbridged plugin.
Remove\move them one by one and determine which.

I also don’t store plugins in their default places. But I know which plugin will work fine after reinstalling Winodws (portable) and which I need to install again.

So obviously some plugin try to follow some symlink, which doesn’t work anymore and crash the DAW.
But I wonder why Cubase’s black list tool doesn’t work in this case :imp:

ps: not every plugin can hold 32 and 64 versions in the same folder. For example Addictive drums or Massive can not. Only way is possible to organize ur VST folder: way of tries and mistakes :smiley: