Did not receive email for loop sets


did anybody else not get the email for these even though their UR is registered and signed to the newsletter

i really would like to have them is there anyway i can get the email sent to me

I did not receive anything too…

Me neither :cry:

Have you checked your MySteinberg account? The downloads may be there waiting for you. As far as the email goes, perhaps it got filtered by a spam filter or something? Either way, you probably don’t need the email.

when i posted this thread they were not there but i checked my account and now they are there hopefully others are the same


In my case, absolutly nothing in my Steinberg acount. I’ve got all my products listed since Cubase 4 in july 2008. In my Maill nothing in spams…

you should send a support request describing this issue with your UR serial number and date of activation and email you use for mysteinberg

i did so around the same time i made this thread and they got put in

i hope you get them

Thanks can you please tell me the mail adress of support. They don’t answer in the support part of mysteiberg…

i sent the support request through mysteinberg type of request : Other Inquiry (not for technical support)

they didnt respond to me with email only i checked a few days later and they were in my account

Thanks for your help.

Did like you said and within less than 1 day I got a response with the activation codes.
Thanks to you (and Steinberg of course)