Did not think I would but I am loving the Bass plugs!

Aloha guys.

Despite have to work around some niggling C8P start-up probs,
I am really enjoying the ‘Bass’ plugs/FX.

I did not think that would happen because for years I have been using
IK Multimedia stuff for most of my guitar and bass sounds.

So today I tried the C8P bass stuff with a somewhat skeptical ear.

What I found was that while these bass sound didn’t necessarily
‘knock me off my feet’ at 1st solo listen,
Man! They do 'sit-in-da-mix just right! Lovely bass sounds for sure!

Once there, just a tiny bit of tweaking, then write/store your pre-set and
‘bob’s yer uncle’.

Can’t wait to try these plugs on some drums!

My only question now is:
Why is the bass stuff is in the ‘Distortion’ section? HA! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: