Did the Izotope RX9 update fix the DOP issue?

Has anyone updated to RX9? Does it fix the DOP issue RX8 had where the processing doesn’t get applied?

Also, a miracle would be if the drift issue is fixed when processing multiple clips. :flushed:

drift issue is not fixed.
I didn’t have process apply issue, so can’t confirm if it has changed.

It finally works again! I have not checked the drift issue yet. I will check on monday.

That’s great news! Now let’s see. On Facebook they promised me they would also update RX 8 when they fix the DOP bug in RX 9.
Although RX 9 looks nice. The De-Hum module definitely needed some improvement.

Looks like RX 8.5 was released a couple days ago, and according to the release notes:

Fixed inability to send files back to the RX 8 Connect plug-in in Cubase or Nuendo after closing a file tab in the RX 8 Audio Editor.

8.5 works (RX8 connect) for me now!

Here are the release notes for RX 8.5: https://support.izotope.com/hc/en-us/articles/4408658471315-RX-8-5-Release-Notes

The update is available in the product portal.

Hi, what’s the drift issue? Can’t find anything on here or google about it. Thanks

If you select multiple clips and try processing it using Izotope connect in DOP, after applying the process they slowly start to drift out of time or go out of sync.

It happened to me during the dialogue edit of a film and I happily carried on processing the dialogue for a couple of hours. It was quite a nightmare when I finally figured out what had happened. :persevere: So, currently if I have to process multiple clips, I render in place and then apply connect.

It sometimes seems fine for a small pool of clips, but I’m not sure if they are drifting only by a frame or two.

Massive thanks for the speedy heads up :slight_smile: That’s a shocker! Different workflow here so hadn’t come across it.

There is still a problem when you apply RX connect on multiple clips twice. First round works really well, but doing a second pass with multiple clips renders random results. (Mostly completely silent events)