Did we loose another one......Brandy?

Oh, haha - I am just here :wink:

Well, or - no, I am not here :slight_smile: I took some kind of a studio break the last 2 month after working without a break for 2.5 years… I did a couple of masterings though, studio maintaining as well, there was need to took some deluxe studiopic for my upcoming page etc… but in the same time I spend some time out in the nature - well, not that much as I planed, but at least “some” time (mountainbiking, arching).

Oh, and yes - I am somewhat bored from gear-related audio-communities :slight_smile: This forum is the only community I am browsing, and even here I was away for 2 months… In the same time I had more time and “ear” to actually listen to music - instead of only producing record after record.

With 5.5.4 I had some kind of peace while finishing the last projects in August.

In the moment I am trying to find a way to export garage-band projekts to nuendo, while googling around I accidentally clicked the Nuendo Forum Bookmark :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

yours Brandy