Did you know

…that you can record and play back actions?
As an example, crate a MIDI track and record some movements of a dial or fader from your MIDI controller. Then, set that MIDI tracks’ output to Virtual MIDI 2. Now in “Actions and Shortcuts”, add a “Volume” item in the “Channels” category with the controller you were using and MIDI input VM In 2.

In fact, the Virtual MIDI ports are MIDI cables; whatever you send to VM Out 2 will appear at VM In 2 (likewise for VM i/o 1). You can use this for all kinds of MIDI routing tricks.



Very cool.

@musicullum wow, tricky! How come, that Channel 1 is selected and Stereo Out is “automated”?

You can automate either a specific channel (1st, 2nd and so on), or “Selected” - for the latter, there is also “Select Next/Previous Channel” that can be controlled via MIDI too.
In this case, Channel #3 was the target, so it is not dependent on the actual selection.