Didn't Panning In Plug-Ins Used To Work On Mono Tracks?

Serious question…



I coulda -sworn- that Cubase used to work such that on a Mono track, a plug-in could still pan. So if you used a plug like AutoPan or Eventide H3000 (which takes the left channel for mono tracks), the output could still move left and right if the output buss was stereo… exactly as though one were moving the pan fader.

Or did I dream this?

Yes, I can find out ‘the truth’ but I’m in the middle of a project and if I load a previous version it will initiate the dreaded SCAN ALL PLUG-INS.



Hi suntower,

I might be wrong but I think your mono track has to be routed to a stereo track fro the panner to appear. If it’s routed to a mono one it won’t show. Also, may be related : link panners

Hope it helps

I just wanna know if the behaviour has changed from previous versions.