Differece between steinberg ID and My Steinberg account

I am a bit confused about what a Steinberg ID is and how it relates to a My Steinberg account
My question is therefore; how do I create a Steiberg ID

You’d use the same login info as you used to purchase dorico.

They’re effectively the same. Your ID is the email address you login into My Steinberg with.

James (@Romanos) is not quite correct: in fact the Steinberg online shop has a different, separate account system (historically because it is operated by another company, AskNet).

But this forum, MySteinberg, Steinberg Download Assistant, Steinberg Activation Manager etc. all use the same Steinberg ID login details.

Thanks for that clarification, Daniel. It has often been confusing as to which ID/password is being requested when there is a new version to install/pay for. (I seem to recall that it was not always so simple and I had to have a different ID for this forum from that for the rest of Steinberg activity.)


Well, I had quite a bit of confusion on my second computer. I use a password manager to keep everything straight, and when I went to purchase, it made me update my store password before I could proceed. Two days later on my second computer I had to use my old password as the new one was rejected. And these were both distinct from my forum password which is saved under my forum Id rather than my email. So I don’t know what happened in my case, but I apologize for the confusion.

I had a very similar experience.

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Most likely a remnant from the old forum when the login details were different. Before the move to the new forum Steinberg posted a notice to make them the same for the best migration experience.

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