Difference Between Cubase AI 8 and Elements 8

Hi All,

I searched for a sheet with the differences but didn’t find.

I have Cubase Pro 8.5 and CMC Channel that came with Cubase AI 7 and I’m thinking about upgrading to 8.

My Copy of Cubase Pro 8 (with the USB eLicenser) stays at studio and my soft-license and my Cubase AI stays on my MacBook which I use for small edits/mixing.

Sometimes I miss the pro features (More audio channels, more channel inserts) and I was thinking about upgrading to Elements (I don’t want to buy another dongle so, Artist isn’t an option) but I don’t see anywhere a sheet with the comparison of both products. Is there any ?


The main differences between elements and ai are:


  • up to 48 audio and 64 MIDI tracks
  • 44 audio effect plug-ins


  • Up to 32 audio and 48 MIDI tracks
  • 28 audio effect plugins
  • only 4 Inserts and 4 Sends per channel

Thanks for the answer!!