Difference Between Cubase Elements 9 and 9.5?

I’m currently using Cubase Elements 9. I can’t find any information on the difference between that version and 9.5. I’d be grateful for any advice.

This lists some of the differences:


Why not download a free trial and play around? It will install separately to your 9 installation so no worries about going back to that once the trial is over.

Thanks for that, I’ve checked out the video. It explains the differences between Pro, Artist and Elements. I was hoping to find out just the specific differences between Elements 9 and 9.5. If the information doesn’t appear on the forum in the next couple of days, I’ll try the free trial as you suggest.

on the download page there is a pdf that should list the differences.

I didn’t mean the video…the rest of the page covers the new additions.

You mean reading all those letters…? :open_mouth:


I finally got it. There is a page headed: ‘New in 9.5’ which lists clearly which versions (Pro, Artist, Elements) contain which new features. Thanks for the advice (and patience). I’ll be updating to 9.5.