Difference between Cubase Elements and Cubase LE AI Elements

Hi All,

Sorry for stupid question.
Some time ago I bought Yamaha device vs included licence for Cubase AI.
Ok. I downloaded it using their great “Steinberg Download Assistant”.
It worked fine and some time later Cubase AI application suggested me to upgrade it up to Cubase Elements (price 50 eur)
I followed instructions, got new Activation code and again downloaded full version of Cubase Elements using their “Steinberg Download Assistant” :slight_smile:

From this point strange things started.

First of all I did not see in Help/About “Cubase Elements”. I see old “Cubase AI 9.5”
Also folder name (where I downloaded full installation file) is “Cubase LE AI Elements for Windows”
Also I see I dont have “HALion Sonic Se 2”
Also I have limit 16 instrumental tracks instead of 24
Also from time to time on cubase start I see suggestion to upgrade it up to Cubase Elements.
Attempts to re-download and then to re-install gave the same behavior.

Guys, what’s wrong?

I have two versions:

  1. They simply foolished me when suggested to upgrade first time and it was simple push to get more 50 eur.
  2. There is some bug with “Steinberg Download Assistant” and I should use some trick to overcome it.

Hi and welcome,

Cubase Elements/AI/LE is only one executable application. Only the license decides, what features are available. So the only one you have to do is to open eLicenser Control Centre application, and activate your upgrade to Cubase Elements here by using the Activation Code. Cubase Elements license should appear in the eLCC application and Cubase Elements should start next time, you start Cubase Elements/AI/LE application.

Thanks Martin,

It looks like fully my mistake so I have to say apologize to Steinberg team.

Only one small doubt - I dont see HALion Sonic SE2. But now I am not sure if it must be in Cubase Elements.

This comparison chart says it is included.


Regards :sunglasses:

Ok, it looks like I see much more instruments (Although the name of sync is still “HALion Sonic SE”)

Thanks to all guys.