Difference between debug and realse, images not showing


My project is working on debug, the plugin and it’s images are showing but not on release, then it can’t find or show the background image etc. It compiles but the images aren’t showing in my plugin window when loaded in the DAW (Reaper in my case)
The background of my plugin is always whatever is in the background when I’m opening it like if it is blitt-ing the background into my plugin.
The image that I’m using is a PNG file, I’ve also tried a JPG no difference.
I’ve used the VST3_Project_Generator in build vst-sdk_3.7.5_build-44_2022-05-19.
I’m using Visual Studio 2022 on a PC Windows 11

What do I have to do so that the release version of the plugin will find the images,
do I have to embed them some way in the project? Or is there a bug?

Thanks in advance


I found my problem I was adding the background image directly to the View Container, this didn’t work in release I had to add a View as a background with my image.