Difference between input & output latency

Hey there.
I am user of Cubase 12 element, Mac mini m1 & Apollo twin interface. Could anyone explain me why I have quite significant difference between output and input latency. For example when set buffer at 64 my output latency is around 2.7 and input around 8 ms.
I noticed many people showing their latency in cubase have very similar input & output latency.
It’s not a big deal for me but I am curious why ?

Is it possible that you have the UA/Apollo console app running with some plugins inserted? Afaik those can add a little bit of latency. Or the driver add per default some samples to account for any possible latency caused by the UA plugins.

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No plugins in there. Just solved thanks to Facebook cubase users. I have change in console setting “input delay compensation” from medium to short and now my input latency dropped from 8 to 5.8 and if I set this delay compensation for off it drops to 3.5ms