Difference between MIDI interfaces: 2 MIDI Thru's vs ( 1 MIDI out , 1 MIDI thru)


I have purchased a Tbox M3 in, out, thru USB MIDI interface in, out, thru USB MIDI interface sole here https://goo.gl/hPpHCG. This one is powered by USB, and has 1 MIDI OUT and 1 MIDI Thru. There is another one which is MIDI powered with 2 MIDI throughs?


I was wondering what if they are the same in terms of functionally?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


There’s no option to power interfaces via midi. All midi interfaces are powered either via USB or external power. The M3 has 1 in/out. The other your talking about probably has 2 in/outs? http://www.midiplus.com/html/tbox.html

The 2nd box is a MIDI splitter, as can also be seen in the product description.