Difference between Nuendo and Cubase


What is the difference between Nuendo and Cubase? From what I am understanding, Nuendo is geared towards actually implementing audio into film, games, and other media while Cubase is more for the actually audio creation. I thought that Cubase could do this as well, so is this a matter of doing the bulk of the audio design in Cubase then using Nuendo to implement it?

In here a “couple” of things in Nuendo are listed, that are NOT in Cubase:


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Obviously, Cubase and Nuendo have a lot in common. Cubase is more tailored for the music production (songs, albums) as it has many virtual instruments that come with it (synths, samples, sample content). But it can of course be used to compose music to picture with tools that help you manage tempo in a way that your musical hit falls exactly onto a scene cut.

Nuendo is more tailored to adding, arranging and mixing sound effects for film and games. I has a special ADR tool that helps you record voice-over at the right places in a movie. With the ADR tool you can jump from line to line and the text is displayed on the monitor for the talent to directly read off of the screen. Or you can batch-export dozens or hundred of sound effects files to a game in one go, something Cubase cannot do. Neither has Cubase an ADR tool.

Stuff like that, of course this list is not complete, it just gives an idea.

I deliberately say “more tailored to” as you can also use Cubase to do sound effects for film. You can create tracks, mix sound effects and so on. But Nuendo just has the broader tools palette that help you with workflow steps usually found in audio post production for film and games. And vice versa.

Hey Piano Pete

Timo from Steinberg just posted this. Here you go, this is the technical point by point list of differences.

My answer was more on the broad probable usage of the tool.

Exactly what I had to learn about. Thanks much, guys, and for the links. – An other thing… does anybody have some practical experience in working with a make of music for film, theater and similar, and where could I learn from about that, some specific forum here on such topic? Thanks!