Difference between "Save As' and "Save New Version"?

Hi all,

I can’t figure out what the difference is between Save As and Save New Version. Save As let’s me create the name and Save New Version creates it’s own with a -01, -02, -03 etc. to the end of the song and places it right inside the project folder.

Is there any other difference between them other than that?

I am essentially looking for a way to save a version of my song, that will not affect the freeze files and audio of my current project. So that I am able to go back to the total original of this moment, at any time. Is backup project the only way to do this?


I think that the difference is just that, choice. Some people are very particular about file names, others not.

You can also copy the project folder (or zip it up) and if you want to go back, you can copy it back or unzip it.

Thanks Elektro I appreciate it. I will stick with “Save As” to name my own and then copy and paste for making duplicates of project folders.



“Save as” means you wish to save your project under a different name than current one in the same location. That’s a simple and usual action.

“Save new version” means you want to save the project in a new folder. This is totally different and it’s a main feature, it’s the right way to create a new location/folder for your project. As far as I remember you will be asked about files, best (and safest) will be to copy them to the new location too when asked.

This is incorrect. It appears you’ve conflated “Save New Version” with “Backup Project”

And, obvious, but I have inadvertently done this:

If you un-freeze an instrument in a later version be sure to “keep files”.


I use both for different things. I use ‘Save New Version’ regularly as I make changes because it’s a v.quick shortcut key press to create a new file (I never save over an old file in case it gets corrupted, which has happened many times for me). Then gor major changes, e.g. when I’ve finished comping the vocal, I’ll use ‘Save As’ and I’ll up my own version number and add a comment (e.g. BeautifulSongTitle_31_VoxComped).

To enable me to go back to any version I have, I simply never delete anything from the Pool, and I don’t use Freeze (but in any case, I think you can opt to keep the frozen files when you unfreeze, which may give you a solution).

I move the old .cpr and .bak files into a OldVersions subdir to keep the top level tidy too.

As a final measure I also render some specific effects when I come to the mixing and turn VSTi’s (and external midi instruments) into audio files. This is so I can come back to the project many years later after countless upgrades have made it all incompatible.

But I’m sure there’s many other people doing many other different things with these tools :slight_smile:


I guess you’re right, sorry about the infinite language localization problem… BTW the ony three menu possibilities I have here are :

  • save
  • save as
  • and what I presume to be backup project (Copie de sauvegarde du projet).

Just don’t see any “save new version”… Where is it located?

It’s only available as a key command: Enregistrer une nouvelle version

…and does what exactly?

The OPs question was asking for the difference between the two.

Save New Version is the same as Save As, but doesn’t prompt for a name- instead it adds or increments a number after the file name. Manual p. 58 for a full explanation.

Ok, I will check this, thanks a lot :slight_smile: