Difference of Displaying Score in 1920x1080, 2560x2440 and 3840x2160

Dear users and developers,

I have visited a shop to buy a 32-inch or 43-inch monitor.
I am considering to buy a 32-inch monitor.
However, I do not see a big difference in displaying a score (2 systems; each system has 12 staves) in 1920x1080, 2560x2440 and 3840x2160.

I thought that the higher resolution is the better display.

Why does it happen?

It shouldn’t happen - the higher the resolution, the more you should be able to see.

If I load up Dorico’s Modern Orchestra template on my monitor (LG 43"), these are the number of instruments I can see for the top 4 resolutions available to me at the template default zoom of 200%.

1890 x 1080 - 23 instruments
2048 x 1170 - 25 insruments
2560 x 1440 - 32 instruments
3780 x 2160 -= 49 instruments (all of them)

The window was in the full screen (the feature of macOS), the view was page view and the zoom was the whole page.

Thus, Dorico zoomed the whole page in all three resolutions.
However, the display quality was not so distinguished.
I think the curves of noteheads and slurs and ties should be more seamless in high resolution. However, they were the same.

Higher resolutions provide more detail per sq inch than lower resolutions. The more detail there is, the sharper the image is. Turning that around, the less detail there is, the less sharp the image is. If you then stretch that out over a larger area, it becomes very noticeable.

If I set a page in Dorico to display 12 staves at high resolution (3780x2160), the image looks very crisp. If I dial the resolution back to 1890 x 1080 and zoom back to fit the page in, the quality is very poor - everything is starting to look blurred.

Provably, the test page was too simple. I will retest it when I have an opportunity to do it.
Thank you very much!

Yeah 4K is essential for large scores, in my opinion. Once you get used to 4K, you never want to go back to 1080.