difference solo vs. section player

I am just wondering, what the difference is, if I input section players as solo players.
I think of a four part choir or a four part Symphony, both of which can be performed by single singers or players.
Does it make any conceptual difference in Dorico, how I set up my score, besides what sounds the playback module will choose?

Please search.


thank you pianoleo,
yes I have read the thread. It is going into quite complicated details of special cases and setups.
My question is about just simple 4 part sets. If I don’t have any ‘special needs’ it shouldnt matter then if I notate section players as solo players?

Dear k_b,
FWIW I have not found any different behavior between those two… I would have thought that it could change the way the brackets are drawn, but it does not (yet).

The only differences at the moment are:

  1. Which sounds Dorico will try to load: if you add a section player, and a sectional sound is available, Dorico will load that.
  2. Instrument doubling: a section player cannot hold more than one instrument.

In the future, however, section players will also be able to divide, in order to handle divisi writing more effectively than at present.

Thank you Daniel - and looking forward :slight_smile: