Difference True Peak values in Loudness Meter and Supervision

After analysing the statistics of a rendered mixdown, I noticed the true peak was at -5dBTP, while my True Peak limiter was set at -1dbTP and Supervision also indicated that value (-1db). When now looking at the Loudness meter in the output channel I indeed see it shows -5dBTP. What is the difference or what am I doing wrong ? FYI I do render at 16 bit - 44 kHz (while recordings is at 24 bit - 96 kHz).


I found the issue. Super Vision does not always reset values.
Still there is a slight difference in dB (0.2). Can live with that.

Hi @elgwiedo Do you observe a difference too if you use the Sample Accurate mode of SuperVision?

See Maximum Audio Performance/Sample-Accurate Display in: