different barlines and hidden staves

is it somehow possible to create sth like this with Dorico?
If ‘yes’, please tell me how.

  1. violin 1 is repeating the first bar and then has hidden staves
  2. violin 2 is playing a 4 beat note in the first bar and is then repeating the second bar.

Thanx a lot

Your best bet might be to add and remove a staff from a single instrument as desired, then manually add the labels. This would work if it’s a small piece perhaps.

And add/remove only works for solo players.

Hey Dan…the big problem are the repeat signs…I only can handle them together…I can’t set different repeat-types for different instruments. At least I don’t know how. There should be an option like: ‘treat every barline individually for each instrument’…

If I create a polymetric - let’s say 1 instrument 4/4 and 1 instrument 8/4 - then my 8/4 is automatically shorten to a 4/4 length when I’m creating a repeat-sign.

As long as you’ve input an independent time signature on a single staff, and then input repeat barlines by pressing Alt-Return to confirm the popover, you can have repeat barlines on independent staves. If you input barlines by simply pressing Enter/Return, even if you only selected items on a staff with an independent time signature, that inputs a barline for all staves.

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got it…thanx a lot Lillie :slight_smile:

problem 1, I can solve with creating solo-instruments
problem 2, I can solve with alt-return

Hey Dan,
but how do I get rid of the ‘main stave’ of the instrument?
Bildschirmfoto 2020-01-29 um 15.25.15.png

Is it possible to create sth like this in the middle of a score?

If I try to ‘add staff’ (below or above), I always get 2 staves of the same instrument. In 1 stave I can write notes and then ‘remove staff’ and I get this single bar with nothing behind, but there is always the other staff of the instrument which fills the whole page.
I just can’t create just 1 or 2 bars of a solo instrument in the middle of the score and remove the rest of the staff on this page.
Please help

That’s the best I can get, and I just don’t wnat to have this second staff for S.1 which covers the whole page:

Ok, a crazy workaround could be:

  1. create a graphics frame
  2. put it above the empty staff you want to ‘delete’ (hide)
  3. insert a graphic with a ‘white sheet’ which covers the staff you want to hide

puuuuhhhhhh… would be nice if there would be an easier way…

Got it :slight_smile:
That’s what I wanted:

would be really nice if there could be an easier solution in the nearby future :wink: