Different Beaming Rules in one Score


I’m trying to write in a score of 4 players different beaming-groups for each player at the same time, all in a 4/4 measure. (sry, my english isn’t the best…). Here’s, what I want to do:

thank you in advance

You only have two sets of groupings there, really: regular 4/4 grouping and a 3+3+2/8 grouping. I suggest you create a [3+3+2]/8 time signature on each of the lower two instruments in the second bar: use Alt+Return to confirm the popover in order to create the time signature on a single staff rather than on all staves. You can then hide that time signature in the second bar by way of Properties, which means that you then only need to manually adjust the beat grouping of the first bar of the score, where the 4/4 time signature appears.

Thanks a lot! That works well!