Different bitrate of same audio exports


I use statistics after every master export and I found an issue that bugs me.

Either the same export comes out at different bitrates, OR statistics reads different every time it scans a file.
different bitrates.png
Pd. is it even right that a file come out at a lower bitrate for some reason? I mean on a theoretical level. Some files read less than the maximum resolution, and not the same for both channels. Live a 32bit export coming out L 27bits and R 30bits…

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Was that a static file or did it contain plugins that create random stuff? Analogstyle plugins or something?

probably some anologue/random stuff in it.
but I don’t think a file should come out at less than the chosen max bitrate resolution anyway. digital silence or random full digital noise either. But I can just start guessing now… and I find it hard to google the matter with this keywords.

The file technically has the chosen bit resolution for sure. What’s shown in the analysis is how many bits the file actually uses apart from the ‘container’ bit rate. My understanding of this voodoo magic stuff is limited though, so don’t take my words for science :sunglasses:
Definately it has no meaning in practice, it’s more a semantic thingy.

The bit depth in the statistics is a calculated bit depth and is not just taken from the file header. I actually wouldn’t bother much about this. 31bit is more than you will ever need. In fact every converter will work with a lower bit depth than advertised. The theoretical bit depth of 24bit will never be obtained.