Different chords in each part?

This feels like something that must have a simple answer, but I haven’t been able to find one anywhere. I’m working on a large score that includes a bunch of rhythm section instruments, and the chords are really messing me up. I’ve only recently switched to Dorico, so I’m not accustomed to the way chords symbols work in the program. Is there a way for me to simply write chord symbols individually in each part, rather than to hide chord symbols for every individual rhythm section instrument?

Welcome to the forum, 1questionboi. Chord symbols in Dorico are indeed system-attached, which means that the same chord symbol will apply to all instruments. You can choose whether or not a given instrument shows chord symbols throughout the piece, and then hide them in places where the player doesn’t need to see them, but you can’t easily create different chord symbols for different players. We know that having to hide chord symbols in the places you don’t want them to appear is a bit tedious, and we have some plans to make this easier in future. We also plan to make it possible to create chord symbols for individual instruments, though that’s a bit more complex and will have to wait a bit longer.