Different clefs in parts and transposing score

Hi everyone,
just to make sure I haven’t overlooked anything: There’s still no native solution to have different clefs in parts and transposing score, right?
Most threads point to either transposing vs. concert layouts or to clef overrides – but they don’t seem to be of much help with explicit clef changes. Am I missing something?
I wonder why it hasn’t been introduced yet, it’s common practice in order to save vertical space in the full score (same goes for 8va lines).
It’s especially annoying when condensing is involved, as Dorico seems to just use the clef of the upper instrument (e.g. relatively high Horn 3 & low Horn 4).

Does this do the job you’re looking for?

Thanks for the link, Daniel!
I’m afraid it does not help in this case though. If I understand correctly the transposition override only helps when you want different default clefs. It won’t have any impact on clef changes you’ve deliberately put in yourself…

@Nick777 No, there’s no functionality for this at present.
@DanielMuzMurray Your second link refers to setting different clefs dependent on whether the layout is transposed or at concert pitch. The OP explained very clearly that both the score and the part are transposed.

Thanks for confirming, @pianoleo!
Do you know if there’s some sort of common workaround for cases like this?

Only the method employed in other programs: to have a separate player that has a part layout but isn’t assigned to the score layout (or is hidden by way of Manual Staff Visibility).

In Dorico cues are dynamic, so you could cue from one player to the other, then marquee select the whole part layout (within Engrave mode - Dorico may think about this for a few seconds) and then scale everything back up to Normal size from the properties panel. At least that way, if you make subsequent changes to the score stave they’ll update automatically in the part (although you’ll need to go back into the part to scale them up to Normal again).


If there is any interest in this, I would like to see this feature in the future of dorico.
For big scores with multiple condensed staves and especially for frame/system break where you need to change the clef (But not necessarily in the part in that particular bar) .
As there is now the option to show cleff in tranposed/concert pitch, it could be an option to show the clef in general score /part.