different condensed score properties for every flow


Is it any way to use different settings for condensed score from one flow to another?
I have not been able to set correctly the condensed properties for a flow and I would like to change them for that specific flow without affecting the whole document. Is that possible?

Thank you in advance


Anything that’s in Notation Options is Flow-specific.
Anything that’s in Engraving Options is Global.
Anything that’s in Layout Options is Layout-specific.

Which options do you want to change?

That’s perhaps the right formulation for my question: Which options should I change?
Flutes 1 and 2 have too many crossings, but Dorico seems not to asume these crossing to be bad enough to separate the condensed form.
I want to change the condensed score options for that specific flow to separate the flutes, without affecting all other flows which seem to be ok.
Thank you in advance,

Pitch crossing options are in Notation Options > Condensing, so they’re Flow specific. Just select the correct flow in the right side of Notation Options before you alter the settings. Given these settings only apply to phrases that start and end together (not dovetailing phrases), you may be out of luck.

Been there. I already selected the right option as you may see in the attachment.

However, please see in the second attachment the result.
Am I missing something?

Read my last sentence again.

DanielV, in due course we will have “condensation changes”, which will allow you to specify what your preferred condensed result should be for a given condensing group. This isn’t possible in the current version but will become possible in the relatively near future.