Different dynamics for a repeated section of music

For playback reasons, I am trying to find out a way to, for instance, play a section of music mezzo forte the first time through and piano on the repeat. From the side panel I am for now using the mf-p dynamic attack on a note to let the player know how to play the section according to the desired dynamics. Any thoughts?

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Dorico is not yet set up to play first and second repeats differently although in some cases one can work around this by placing a new dynamic just before the repeat sign to affect the second time through. (Make sure the dynamic for the first time through is not inside the repeat structure.)

Thank you. Good to know. So if I would like the first time through to be played at the designated dynamic, would it be plausible to create a pick up bar with the desired dynamic and then hide the bar?

If you are starting the repeat from the beginning, yes, a hidden pickup would be needed with a start-repeat barline after it.

Thank you, Derek!