Different Dynamics for Different Staves of the Same Instrument Seem Impossible to Playback


When I assign different “immediate” dynamics (pp, ff, etc) to voices on different staves of the same instrument, say the two different piano staves, they all get the same volume playback even when I assign different “voices” in the “Play” panel. Is there a trick to separate the output dynamics per stave to, say, have Dorico play pianissimo in the treble-clef staff and fortissimo in the bass-clef staff at the same time?


Will assigning dynamics to the different voices confirming with ALT+SHIFT produce better results?

Thank you, Derrek, for the quick hint. Yes it works. However, it does not allow for crescendos, i.e., it jumps to the final dynamics at the end of the crescendo . Is there a similar trick to make those work?