Different Dynamics markings for Base and Treble Piano cleffs possible in Sibelius and not in DORICO?

I hope I am mistaken, I hope I am doing something wrong in DORICO. In Sibelius I have tested with Sibelius Instruments, Noteperformer and Vienna Special edition, in all cases one can write so that the Treble and base piano clefs have different dynamics and other markings. In DORICO I tested with HALION and with Vienna Special edition, in both cases I could not write so that the Treble and base Piano clefs have different dynamics. I wrote about this to VSL Support, their answer:
(IN DORICO) If you want different marks for the upper and the lower staff, you will have to use two pianos. There might be another workaround that I don’t know of.

If this is so than in my opinion this is a great failing in DORICO, many composers use the piano as a basis for composition, in order to give the composition a real and complete feeling it is necessary to have different dynamics and all other markings in each clef individually.

Independent voices in Play mode.
volumeTest.dorico (631.9 KB)

Thank you, unfortunately the file you attached does not open so I don’t know what you mean.

For the above, note:

YES thanks, I see now, I have just learnt to enabled independent voice playback, still so far I can only control Dynamics graphically in PLAYING TECHNICS, VELOCITY, which is very nice, but not with ppp, fff on the staves which for me would be preferable.

Did you input voice-specific dynamics?


Yes I believe so , this markings are not reflected graphically in Dynamics, nor are they audible. I am using HALion Sonic.

Here’s a file using factory defaults and a Halion Piano sound and it plays back correctly. You can solo the individual voices if you want to confirm, as each appears in the Mixer.
test.dorico (608.0 KB)

I suspect this test.dorico file should open in DORICO, Is there a specific way of opening it?

File / Open doesn’t work? It’s a D4.3 file, are you using a much older version?

No , my mistake again, it did open automatically in Dorico and yes it works, I now suspect I have the wrong map opening by default. I will check and get back later, I must eat now. Thank you so much.

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No, mine doesn’t work. perhaps you can figure out why from the file.?
Test Velocity piano 1.dorico (609.7 KB)

Sure, you didn’t input voice-specific dynamics. If I delete the dynamics on the lower staff, and reinput them as voice-specific, it works fine.
Test Velocity piano EDIT.dorico (558.0 KB)

Thank you once again, I re read the chapters on “Enabling independent voice playback” and on
“Voice-specific dynamics”, all I could see that I was not doing is “You can only input voice-specific dynamics when the caret is active” still I’m missing something because I still can’t get it to work. So what more must I do to input voice specific dynamics?

You didn’t do that in the file you posted.

During note input, input the dynamics only into the voice indicated by the caret indicator by pressing Alt/Opt-Return.

It sounds so easy, I’m sure it must be, but I don’t get it, in windows “return” is “Enter” right? which is on the opposite side of the keyboard. Once one has independent voice playback enabled why is it not sufficient to simply input markings to the staff one wants them on? I have the feeling that until I see this on a video I won’t be able to do it.

Hold down Alt while you hit Enter after inputting the dynamic in the popover with the proper voice selected in the caret. You can have multiple voices in one staff and each voice can have their own dynamic, or even their own playback sound if you want.

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Inputting notes into different staves isn’t the same as inputting into different voices.

Now with voices I am more confused than ever, all this is automatic in Sibelius, when one is writing for piano one simply writes and places the markings where they will sound. Why must something so simple be made so complicated?