Different figured bass for multiple staves

I am trying to engrave the following, the composition of multiple basslines with added figures to a given chorale melody.

[Source: https://derekremes.com/wp-content/uploads/Kittel_24-at-Sibley-library.pdf]

I can create figures for the first bass stave, however when I try to create figures for the second bass stave, it treats it as the same as the first. Here is my attempt:
Kittel_24_chorales_basslines_for_melody.dorico (617.6 KB)

Is there a way to treat the figures independently across staves?
For reference, I am using Dorico Pro

Hi Victor, welcome back to the forum - someone asked basically the same as you earlier today! Read my reply to them here:

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Thanks for the prompt response Lillie!

I’ve come across a second issue: in the above image on the third stave, I’m trying to engrave the figure “3/5” in that order, with the 3 on top and 5 underneath. In the Note Input Options setting, I’ve set the figured bass input option to Follow input literally, but Dorico appears to still order the figures with the 5 on top and 3 on the bottom. How do I override this ordering behaviour?

You can use a tip suggested by my colleague Richard the other day :slight_smile:

Hmm, however it doesn’t display the sharp 10th, #10 as just #, but instead displays it as #3.

Check in Engrave > Engraving Options > Figured Bass for how to treat raised figures.

I did, so my sharp 3’s do appear as just a ‘#’, but the sharp 10’s with the simplify compound intervals do not, instead they appear as #3.

What result are you trying to get? Earlier you said “3/5”

Yes sorry I wasn’t clear. I managed to get the “3/5” result, but I was wondering how to get a result like “#/5”, because if I do the solution you quoted, it’ll appear as “#3/5”, and the Engraving Options for Figured Bass are already set to display #3 as #.

I’ve had similar frustrations inputting figured bass. As a few threads from last year pointed out, it seems ‘follow input literally’ doesn’t always work as described and one’s entries are sometimes unhelpfully ‘corrected’. I’d like to put in a plea to fully enable any reasonable user input so one doesn’t have to resort to all manner of workarounds.