Different genres in one album

Hi guys! Lately I’ve been mixing an album, the artist is good at slow rock/pop rock AND urban pop, so the album have 6 slow rock/pop rock songs and 4 urban pop songs.

Here’s the thing, now I’ve done most of the songs, I found that in the same loudness level, those pop rock songs are very full and compressed(not in a bad way), but those urban pop songs sound cleaner. I think maybe it’s because urban pop songs usually use drum machines, and mixed pretty dry and forward, I can minimize the differences between an acoustic drum kit and a 909 drum machine, and I tried to make them sound alike spectrum wise. But there’s only so much you can do… And if I’m mixing an urban pop album, I’ll probably mix those urban pop songs fatter and snappier.

Let’s say you have two songs, one is a country song like with acoustic drums, finger bass, overdrive guitars, strings, and the other one is a urban pop/hiphop song like , drum machines, sub synth bass, loops, sizzle hihats… How would you mix them in the same album?

YES, if there are some elements common in the songs…I’d have to hear the songs.

Have a listen to Todd Rundgren’s CDs (Particularly the later Arena or State)
These are selfproductions done ITB (Arena was done in Guitar rig) with a fairly wide variety of genres.

Thanks, I’ll do that.

There’s a few artists that like to record differrent genres of music in 1 album the artist that comes to mind is Micheal Jackson. He’s always been all over the place. I remember a comment that he could sign anything and his team made it work for him. You can also make it work if you retain a certain element in the album like Taylor swift or One Republic you can hear other genres in their music but they keep it real by staying true to their style of music.
You have so many option with Cubase I’m sure you could make it happen :slight_smile: