Different Graphic On Each Page

Hi all,

Can anyone suggest a good workaround in Engrave Mode to have a different graphic on every page? I’m working on some instructional materials for young students, and would love to have consistent page formatting throughout, but with a different image to go with each melody. Do I need to create a new page template every time?

You can use the same page template, but then override each page with the graphics content. (The pages will no longer follow changes to the template, but they will at least have been created identically.)

Hmm, this sounds like it should work, but it seems the graphic is still updating across all pages. I even resized the frame on one page to make sure it was overridden, and I see the little red triangle on the page to the right, but the images seem to still be linked. What am I missing?

Put the graphic frame on your master page but don’t place the graphic on the master page itself.

Unfortunately, that’s not working on my end either. Here’s what I just tried to make sure:

  1. Edit page template: added new graphic frame. Large X is showing in frame, confirming it’s blank. Apply.
  2. Selected the graphic frame on a page, resized to override default. Red triangle is now showing.
  3. Double click the resized frame, add image. Image now appears on all pages.

I think graphics frames from page templates are linked, even by way of local overrides. Admittedly this is inconsistent with text and music frames.

You can manually copy local graphics frames to other pages – they’ll end up in the same relative position on the page, same size etc, but aren’t linked beneath the hood.

This worked perfectly, thank you Lillie! And thank you everyone for the replies.

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