Different hairpin aperture for grouped dynamics

Is there any explanation for a different apperture of the haripins when grouping dynamics?:

I also enclose file:
Untitled Project 1.zip (794 KB)

Regardless of them being linked, Dorico has determined the aperture based on the length of each crescendo: the first crescendo’s duration is substantially longer than that of the second crescendo. You can of course override this manually.

And what about the drecrescendo? The second one is much longer that the first one…
In any case, I have tried to change it manually, but I can’t, it returns to the original aperture.

They’re complementary dynamics, so the first crescendo is grouped with the first diminuendo, and the second crescendo is grouped with the second diminuendo. I’m not quite sure why you can’t alter the aperture - I’ll take a look at the file later.

Ok, thanks! It is curious that if I group all dynamics except the last diminuendo, then the aperture is “correct” (all the same), but when I add the last diminuendo to the group then it gets smaller…

You’ve attached the wrong gif, but I get the point. I don’t know the answer, though I’d speculate that it’s because Dorico knows that hairpins work in pairs.


I was moving the wrong handle. Now I can change the aperture. The mystery is still open, though.