Different jazz drums brush swishes - notation and playback

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Dear Forum Users,

I am trying to find out how to notate in Dorico different brush swishes as shown here:

and different drums techniqes as here:

for playback of jazz drums, including brush swishes:

So I need to find out how to notate it and get playback with different playback techniques for:

  1. tied notes, where a tie will be interpreted as a playback technique
  2. for flams and drugs, is it possible to create playback techniqe with glyph, that looks like a grace note, or two. Where to find a crossed out stem?
  3. how to notate a cymbal hits and chokes with cymbal hits “let ring”, where an additional tie is necessary. (A tie is only connected to one note.)
  4. is there any sign in bravura/ petaluma fonts that is suitable for notating hitting bell or edge of the cymbal as shown in the pdf file?
  5. are there any other methods, different signs for combining vsl jazz drums sticks/brush swishes with Dorico?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

In question 1:
By “tied notes” do you mean “let ring” notation? There is an option to apply “Laissez vibrer” ties in the Note and Rest section of the Properties Panel once you select a note to apply it to.
For question 2:
Grace notes (slashed or unslashed) are available.


For the symbols, you can start by looking in SMuFL

Note these are available in Dorico in various places, depending on how you are trying to implement something, and can always be copied and pasted into a regular text item — just change Character Style (first box in text popover menu) to Music Text before pasting.

SMuFL symbols can also be added to user-defined Playing Techniques (which could later be tied to PlayBack Techniques).

Hi Derrek,
Thank you for your help.

  1. I need tied notes, like laissez vibrer to notate brush swishes
    But I need to have these ties defined as a playback technique, so they can trigger different sample.
    When I want to add a slur with this dialog box, and select “Beams and slurs”

    Slurs do not appear. The table is empty.
    Any ideas how to do it?

  2. Trying to create grace notes with playing techniques:

    There are only single notes available, which is good for flams, but not for ruffs and drags

    Any ideas how to do it as a playing technique?


Hi thiagotiberio,

Can you show me how you do it?


Sure! First, select and copy the pictogram from the website:


Then, in Dorico, Shift+X creates a new text item:


Note the “Music Text” step—if you skip it, you’ll see a double-box icon instead of the pictogram.

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Thank you very much!