Different Metronome fonts for score vs. parts

Hello Guys,

Short of creating two separate projects (my current MO), is there a way to set different sizes for the metronome markings between layouts? I’d like the conductor’s to be larger and easier to spot at a glance, and a less obtrusive version in the parts, but it seems I can only set the size once per project, as it’s a “Font Style” rather than a “Paragraph Style”… This is easy enough to manage two projects for, but if i’m still making changes, it makes it difficult to track what I’ve changed in which copy, and trying to merge the two is time consuming. Is there an option I’m missing somewhere, or is this something that should be included in the future?

Thanks much for all that you guys do. It is GREATLY appreciated.



A workaround would be to set a custom scale property for each metronome mark in the conductor’s score. This won’t affect other layouts.
(You can ctrl-click each mark and just apply the scale once)