Different midi inputs in one layer

i’m using vst live for some months now and it’s still getting better.
In my case i’m using 2 or more midi controllers in one layer.
This option is not available at this moment or you need to share duplicate the layer.
Still if you do this and change the vst plugin in the original layer the duplicated layer won’t change the vst plugin.
I made an example how it possible would look


… with version 1.3.1 (Pre-Release) it‘s now possible to assign multi tracks. We will add „Multi MIDI Inputs“ next.



Good news :nerd_face:
May I ask for multiple MIDI inputs (merge) for Stacks and Global Stacks’ VST Plugins as well?

Hi @Jihem,

I guess you are talking about multiple MIDI Inputs for Insert Plug-Ins. Yes, that’s on our list.

See you,

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This is exactly what I was talking about :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you so much!

Thank you !!