Different MIDI quantization for regions on same track

Am i missing something that there is no direct way to see how individual MIDI regions on the same track are quantized differently? I’m thinking in terms of other DAWs where if you click on a region, the inspector (which works per region) immediately changes to show you the quantize settings - and there is no apply or undo steps when working with quantization. Or in Cubase, the inspector for MIDI quantization via the MIDI insert is only per track (and can’t differentiate regions on the same track with different quantization applied to them).

AFIK there isn’t a way to see what quantize you’ve applied to a part - and i must admit it’s never been something I’ve missed.

a work-around might be to use presets in the quantize panel, you could set up the different swings you’d like to apply to different parts and then quickly apply them.