Different naming behaviour for "save as" and "render"

Sometimes I want to name files similar to already existing files in a certain folder.
For “save as” I proceed like this:
open “save as” (shift+s)->select folder->search files (ctrl+f)->select file with similar name->change file name->save file name->save file

For the render dialog this process does not work: when I am at the point to search files (ctrl+f) the open dialog does not offer a “save” function but an “open” function: So, if I choose a certain file from the folder and change the name I can only press the “open” button and Wavelab says it can’t open the file because it can’t find it. So, what I do is: choose the file name I want to change and press the “open” button. Then this file name is taken to the render dialog, where I can now change it.

I think it would be good if the behaviour for “save as” and “render” was the same (i.e. the way it is for “save as”).

Agreed, I will change this.