Different notation options for multiple players in full score?

Hello! Is there a way to dedicate different notations to multiple players and to display those differences in full score? In concrete terms I would like to set the accidentals of one player in Common practice and of another player in Second Viennese School .
Thanks for any advice / support!

Not automatically, no – notation options are set for all players in each flow; layout options are set for all flows in each layout.

I see. (And was hoping for some workaround). Ok, thanks for replying.

Well, one workaround would be to use common practice accidentals for the whole project, then once the music is all written, select all of the notes on the player who should use the Second Viennese School practice, and activate the Accidental property, choosing Show. That will cause every note to show an accidental.

Perfect. That’s the one. Thank you!