Different notation options in different part layours

Forgive me if this is a silly question, but, is it possible, within a single flow, to have different notation options for different layouts. Example: I want the default “allow rests within beams” setting for the full score and for most of the parts. However one of my players prefers to see stemlets in his part. Is there no way to use the stemlets notation option for beaming in only that layout but not the others?

I don’t think so, notation options are flow-specific, not layout-specific. If it’s a strong requirement, then you could duplicate one of more flows just for that one player, but that wouldn’t be very practical in the end.

Yeah, thanks. For now, I’m just doing a save as and changing the option and generating a PDF for just that part from that new file. It’s not very ideal if I have to make any further edits though, obviously…