Different Pan setup, how did I do this??

I have no idea how I did this, i didn’t notice it until after I got done track and went to start mixing. How did I get the pan view like this? I’m trying to figure it out because I actually like this MUCH more then the standard panner while mixing!

You probably have a multichannel bus in VST connections somewhere.

You mean a surround sound capable plugin? Like Absynth for example?

If that’s the only way I can get those panners up like that, that’s a bummer. I really like that look and feel, and makes sense visually while mixing, it gives a better representation of what the stereo field looks like. they should definitely make that an option to choose from by just right clicking a panner, add that the the menu. Should be a pretty simple thing to do. :slight_smile:

No, I mean a bus (Group- / Output- / FX-…)

That looks like surround panning to me, like the project itself is setup for surround, or maybe they’re quattro tracks?

I remember having to setup sidechain compressors using quattro groups prior to VST3.