Different quantise settings within same project to create midi in modern classical style

I have Cubase Elements 9.5 and some months ago I recorded a piece in midi without quantisation. I decided to not use quantisation in Cubase to keep the sound realistic, because:

  • it is contemporary classical music (so the rhythm is rather complex and some passage free)
  • I want to publish this recording.
    Then, I tried to import it in my notation software (Musescore), but of course, it is extremely messy rhythmically speaking…
    I need to create the score for this piece ASAP because it will be performed. So, I am thinking of a strategy and looking for some suggestions in this regard.
    In particular, I am wondering whether I can use different types of quantisation for different passages in Cubase and whether this is going a massive work if compared to re-recording the piece from scratch (the piece is complex and lasts 15-16 minutes).
    My ultimate goal is to get a midi file that when imported in my notation software is not too messy in terms of rhythmic representation.
    Alternatively, I am thinking of using Reaper, as it can export in MusicXML. So, in that case, I would do the quantisation of each passage or re-record jobs in Reaper.

Yes, you can. There are a number of ways to do it.
You could select the notes in the MIDI editor you want affected by the quantize command.
You could also split the performance up in multiple Events and quantize these separately directly from the arranger view.

That’s really helpful! Thank you so much, Mlindeb :grinning: