Different Quantizes for MIDI Editor and Main Window

It would be really great if the main window didn’t have to share the same quantize as the MIDI editor!

I should add that usually when I’m editing in the project window, I’m moving things around in terms of bars or half bars or quarter notes. But when I’m doing MIDI I’m often editing in 1/16th. And it’s really annoying when I have a groove or swing because if I go back to the project window and use my key commands to get back to 1/1 or 1/2, I get like 1/1 with 50% quantize and stuff like that… which I really really really do not want. And so then I have to manually select 1/1 or 1/2, etc… but then it forgets the swing that I was using in the midi editor.

Hi OxygenBeats
I have the same issue. In earlier versions of Cubase (back 20 years ago!) I remember being able to have the midi or audio editors set at 1/16s and the Main window set at 1. This used to save a lot of time.
Does anyone know if there is a setting that could allow me to do this?

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yes this would be great instead of the “smart” snapping feature

specially if everything had a shortkey

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Hi WK1
That was very helpful. After Googling your key words I am now set to at a quantize of 1/16 with the ‘Adapt to Zoom’ feature in Grid. Thank you.
It would seem I’m still at a very ‘amateur’ level even though I first bought Cubase in 1996!

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