Different readouts when using pink noise

Hi !
When using test generator to generate pink noise in Cubase 9, Span shows really different frequency readout then iZotope insight.
I added a print screen so you can see for yourself & hope to get a good answer about this issue !
You can see that the graphs completely different in Span & Insight…

Generally, they always shows completely different readouts when using them during a mix session- why is that ?
Also, the DB scale on those shows different values.
Who is the correct one ?


In Span go to the options and check the “slope” knob.

When changing the slope in span it changes the all frequency balance. We need to see the truth as engineers, so how to set it up ? & why the slope is there if it changes the frequency balance ?

You as engineer certainly know about the frequency spectrum of pink noise and therefore you should decide yourself, how to set it up

Probably because some People like to have visuals that are similar to what they hear.